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While the term “content marketing” has become progressively mainstream in the last couple of years, the copywriters at Apps Innovations have been creating content for the purpose of marketing for much longer.

content marketing

content marketing company

Our Content Marketing Services Include:

content creation Content creation

We can assist you with a range of content requirements, from blog posts/entries and articles, to information reports, eBook material, social media updates and more. We can likewise prepare web page content for a new site, or revise the content on your existing website.


social media management Social media management

Monthly packages that include content creation and social media management are likewise accessible. In addition to creating material for your blog, we can also prepare your social media updates for Facebook, Google + and Twitter, and publish your material once you’ve approved it.


content marketing company Content Strategy

No content strategy? It’s important to have a road map in place for your content marketing. Without a plan, you could squander your marketing budget creating content that doesn’t hit the spot with your intended audience, or is inconsistent in approach. You wouldn’t pay a builder or a landscaper to begin work for you if you didn’t have a plan in place to guide the work and lead to the desired result – the same approach should apply to your content marketing. Plan first, and then put resources in content.

We can prepare a content strategy for your business if you don’t have one. If you’d prefer to create your own there, there are a number of areas you’ll want the plan to cover. Your strategy should identify:

  1. content marketing services Your brand’s position or coveted position
  2. content marketing agency Your coveted audience
  3. content marketing firm The most suitable sorts of content
  4. content advertising The applicable platforms
  5. content advertising agency How your competitors are using content
  6. content writing company Your available budget
  7. content writing services Short and long term goals
  8. content writing agency Frequency of creation for various forms of content
  9. content writing firm Publishing recurrence
  10. article writing company Content creation method (e.g. in-house or outsource)


Precisely, what is Content Marketing?

In essence, content marketing is the practice of creating and publishing content with the aim to captivate customers and potential customers with a brand. Good content marketing aims to interest and captivate individuals rather than overtly sell a product or service. Good quality content that your prospective clients are likely to discover intriguing has the potential to attract additional traffic to your website and result in increased sales over time. It can also build your brand’s online presence and reputation.

Content used for marketing ranges from social media updates, published articles and blog posts, through to eBooks, free information reports and even podcasts and videos.

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