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Not certain whether you require a copywriter or a content writer? The two professions have merged to a certain degree in recent years so our web content copywriters are at your service!



A copywriter is a writer who is skilled at writing promotional material that aims to persuade the reader as to the value of utilizing a product or service. Needless to say, a lot of modern copywriting involves online applications.

A copywriter who produces online content needs to have an understanding of SEO and web writing in addition to their copywriting aptitudes. Web content writers also require copywriting abilities. That’s because most web content writing – whether it’s an article, blog post, a web page or a ‘special report’ – is a form of copywriting as these are usually marketing tools. Clients often prefer these forms to be more unobtrusive when it comes to selling their product or service, while other forms of copywriting are more direct – for example, a sales letter, follow up emails, advertising brochures or commercial content, and scripts for commercials.

Whether you need copywriting for brochures, web pages, blog posts or articles, at Apps Innovations we have a copywriter with the obliged abilities. Several of our content copywriters have extensive experience as copywriters in PR and marketing roles while two others have screenwriting and scriptwriting accreditations in addition to their copywriting and content writing skills.

If you’re looking for articles or blog posts you’ll find that our writing team has a broad range of writing expertise. Insurance, dating, debt, mortgages, law, real estate, pests, pets, food, fashion, toys, toddlers, parenting, costumes, health and nutrition, small business and employment are just some of the subject areas in which we have experience, so if you’re looking for a copywriter who is acquainted with your subject matter, the chances are we have one.

Our copywriters are based in Australia, India, UK, US and are generally university educated individuals who have turned to professional writing after working in another profession.

If you need a good copywriter, let’s chat about what you need. You can send an enquiry via our Contact form or call us.