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Target the world’s largest professional network with precision ad campaigns powered by Apps Innovations’ marketing savvy and advanced segmentation techniques. LinkedIn marketing offers the best way to target educated, upwardly mobile professional viewers for B2B or B2C advertising.

linkedin marketing

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With 28 million unique viewers in the US alone, LinkedIn is a frequently disregarded but extremely compelling platform for targeting professional audiences. LinkedIn is a network of educated, high-powered professionals with average household incomes well above the national average. The site receives well over one billion page views per month, and its unique ad network allows for, highly targeted, deeply engaging advertising. Apps Innovations LinkedIn marketing and ad campaigns utilize LinkedIn’s display advertising network and user segmentation capabilities in strategic efforts that yield great results. Sponsored polls, events sponsorship and promotional media, and even offsite audience network ads are just some of the features offered by LinkedIn’s advertising platform. Path Interactive brings a deep understanding of marketing techniques, and highly developed internet advertising skills to each campaign, ensuring your ads reach your target market for the reduced expense conceivable.


LinkedIn Marketing Opportunities:

  1. smo company Precise targeting: Serve ads based on a profession, seniority, industry, company size, and education.
  2. smo services Market to interests: Targeting specific LinkedIn groups is a great way to get convenient access to your ideal viewers.
  3. social media optimization Sponsored polls: Polls allow you to not only advertise your brand but to gain the input of industry, thought leaders in the process. Start the discussion, reap the rewards.


LinkedIn Marketing Benefits

  1. smo company Wide reach: LinkedIn has over one million company profiles, millions of global users, and long on-site viewing times, meaning your viewer is right there, waiting for you.
  2. smo services Low competition: By employing their own advertising platform, LinkedIn is protecting your ads from competition, allowing you easy, unfettered access to your target demographic.
  3. social media optimization company Off-site opportunity: LinkedIn’s ad network now allows you to serve ads to LinkedIn users on other sites participating in the LinkedIn network.
  4. social media optimization services Professional clientele: The average household income of LinkedIn users has climbed above the six figure mark. Every Fortune 500 Company is on LinkedIn. Are you?


Our LinkedIn Marketing Toolbox

  1. smo company Our LinkedIn marketing strategies incorporate:
  2. smo services Personal link building and contact development programmes
  3. linkedin marketing Sales lead generation
  4. social media marketing Competition monitoring and intelligence gathering
  5. social media marketing company Sophisticated data mining
  6. social media marketing services Highly targeted LinkedIn advertising campaigns that match the precise profile of your client wish list

We blend these activities together to enable you to win new b2b clients and sell more products and services to existing clients.


Going Beyond LinkedIn Marketing

Linkedin marketing is only the start. The clever part involves taking all the data and intelligence we have gathered on LinkedIn and integrating it with contact development programmes that may include email marketing, direct mail, SMS texting, telesales and events. In a stroke, we multiply the impact and commercial returns of every campaign.

How We Operate

We provide three service offerings:

  1. smo company We can drive the entire LinkedIn marketing campaign on your behalf
  2. smo services We can teach you how to do it yourself
  3. search engine marketing We can offer you a blend of 1 and 2 where we share responsibilities and workload


LinkedIn Marketing – What Apps Innovations Do?

  1. smo company We create powerful LinkedIn marketing strategies that bring your brand to the attention of every company on your client wish list.
  2. smo services We not only get you noticed by all the companies you want to do business with, we generate an unstoppable flow of valuable sales leads.
  3. social media marketing services We guarantee you will be amazed at the number of companies that bring their business straight to your door.
  4. social media marketing agency Our LinkedIn marketing strategies involve continuous networking and systematic relationship building. We change prospects into clients and clients into brand advocates.


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