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Social bookmarking submission is one of the best website promotion procedure. It involves linking sites within the various blogs and message boards on social networking websites, blog sites and content centric sites like Digg, stumble, furl and so on, considered an enhanced alternative to submitting a website on blogs, manual social bookmarking is a simple, convenient way of making sure that your site is noticed and marketed in the right direction. Social Bookmarking is a new trend in social media marketing that allows you to submit your website to several hundred social sites. A social bookmarking submission brings backlinks from sites which are really good from search engine point of views; also helps to achieve good rankings for your keywords. Website pages get cached and indexed within hours not even days.


A new way to attract customers – Social Bookmarking

seo company Social bookmarking offers great potential for your business to spread its services to many new customers.

social bookmarking service Our experts understand best how to get your business going in the social bookmarking scene.

seo services Social bookmarking takes bookmarking to a new level, allowing users to tag bookmarks with keywords and share their bookmarks with the rest of the Internet.

social bookmarking service Through customized tags and keywords, your website will be found by a greater number of potential customers.

seo company With your website popularity increasing, your website will gain credibility.

social bookmarking service Customers who love your services can spread the word to others without any work on your part.

seo company The more links and hits your website gets, the higher up it will show in search engine results.

seo services Faster indexing and referencing of your website by Search Engines

search engine optimization company Easy for visitors to bookmark your site and share it with networks they are members of, improving popularity and in turn your site’s rankings in the Search Engines

social bookmarking Helps to generate traffic to your site through quality backlinks

search engine optimization All you need to do is allow Apps Innovations to get you started. Let our experts optimise keywords for you and start spreading the word about your services to the millions of Internet users.


Social bookmarking offers great potential for business

The new Internet technologies have a social aspect. This means greater collaboration and connection between Internet users who are your customers. With Apps Innovations’ help, you can enter into the social bookmarking scene and make your website incredibly popular. Our experts will create optimized keywords for you business allowing users who bookmark your website to locate you with ease. Social bookmarking means your customers can share what they love about your services with others. You can see the great potential this service offers your business. Act now and let Apps Innovations help you. Social bookmarking will increase your business popularity and make you headline news on social networking sites, which will, of course, increase the flow of quality traffic to you and help you to improve your sales levels, and extend your customer base.


Our Packages:

social bookmarking Package 1: 50 Submissions Using YOUR (NEW) Account- $15 ONLY

seo company Package 2: 100 Submissions Using YOUR (NEW) Account- $30 ONLY

seo services Package 3: 150 Submissions Using YOUR (NEW) Account- $40 ONLY

search engine marketing Package 4: 50 Submissions Using OUR Account- $10 ONLY

online marketing Package 5: 100 Submissions Using OUR Account- $20 ONLY

digital marketing Package 6: 150 Submissions Using OUR Account- $30 ONLY


Details required:

  1. social bookmarking service URL of website
  2. seo company Small description
  3. social bookmarking Meta keywords
  4. seo services Username, password, email id with password (In case New Account)
  5. social bookmarking You will get a full report in xls format within 7 days to summarize the success our submission.


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