Website Analysis

Website Analysis

website analysis

website analysis

Websites are influential and compelling business tools to correspond with existing and potential clients. A good website attracts qualified visitors and promotes the growth of the business. There are various factors determining the viability of a website.

One of the essential elements is the search ranking of the website in the search engine results page (SERP). If the website has a high ranking, it will regularly draw more traffic.

Search engines rank a website dependent upon its popularity, dependability, content pertinence, keywords, links, authority and several other factors (which are updated almost every day). Optimizing the website visibility for ranking high in a SERP is termed Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

In order to ensure that the website is performing efficiently and is effective, one needs to conduct regular Website analysis.


Website Analysis

Website analysis is used for assessing the site’s effectiveness; it acts as a decision making tool for business. From website analysis, you will be able to:

  1. seo company Estimate the traffic and popularity trends
  2. seo services Evaluate the SEO strategies used in your website
  3. website analysis Measure the results of a new advertising campaign
  4. search engine optimization company Improve your website visibility, scope and profitability
  5. search engine optimization Website analysis can be performed by specialized tools, for example Google Analytics.


Website analysis includes:

1. Website Accessibility Analysis

Website accessibility analysis evaluates the degree of ease of accessibility of your website:

  1. website analysis Time taken by the web page to load
  2. seo company Web pages indexed and cached by the search engines
  3. seo services Presence of unwanted codes (JavaScript, CSS) in your web pages that counteracts clients and web search tools access to your content
  4. search engine optimization company Ensure that robots.txt file in your website prevents search engine access to only certain pages
  5. search engine optimization Presence of any broken links that might lead the user and search engine to an error page


2. Website Traffic Analysis

Website analysis for traffic provides information about the following:

  1. search engine marketing company Number of page views
  2. search engine marketing Number of visitors
  3. search engine advertising Duration and depth of an average session
  4. seo company Percentages of visitors from inbound links, search engines, click-through ads, etc.
  5. seo services Number of new visitors
  6. search engine optimization company Bounce rates


3. Website Navigation Analysis

Navigation website analysis evaluates different aspects of a website to determine its degree of ease of navigation:

  1. seo company Site architecture
  2. seo services User-friendliness of the site
  3. search engine optimization company Content structure
  4. search engine optimization Anchor text


4. Website SEO analysis

SEO Website analysis is used to assess the SEO strategies and is commonly referred to as ”SEO Audit”. From an SEO audit report, you can obtain the following information:

  1. seo company Keywords’ effectiveness
  2. seo services Content relevance and originality
  3. website analysis Inbound and outbound link quality
  4. search engine marketing company Meta tags, ALT tags and heading tags effectiveness
  5. search engine advertising company Website prevalence, reliability, authority
  6. search engine optimization company Website search ranking
  7. online marketing company Extent of social media marketing


Apps innovations Website Analysis Services

Apps Innovations offers comprehensive website analysis services. Our analytics team specializes in measuring and collecting data, analyzing the information and preparing reports that present the effectiveness of your website, with suggestions for improvement.

Our team uses latest tools and software’s to perform intensive analysis of the nature of your web traffic, ease of accessibility and navigation and website SEO analysis. Website analysis reports and SEO audit reports are prepared in an easily perceivable manner.

With our website analysis reports, you will be able to locate the loopholes in your website, add qualified traffic to your website, evaluate and enhance business growth.

If you are in India, or anywhere on the planet, get in touch with us to avail customized website analysis services to promote your business prospects.

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